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WORKSHOPS - September 24th, 2014

From 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Introduction to APIs

Introduction to the world of APIs including: What is an API? What do web APIs make possible? Creating a web API and support an API.

• Intro and Getting Started
• Dive into APIs
• Business and Technical Cases
• REST Deconstructed
• API and Developer Success
Kin Lane, API Evangelist @ API Evangelist @kinlane

My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. API Evangelist, Tech Gypsy, Open Data, Gov Hacker and Father.

Kirsten Hunter, API Evangelist @ Akamai Technologies @synedra

Kirsten Hunter is an unapologetic hacker and passionate advocate for the development community. Her technical interests range from graph databases to cloud services, and her experience supporting and evangelizing REST APIs has given her a unique perspective on developer success. In her copious free time she's a gamer, fantasy reader, and all around rabble-rouser. Code samples, recipes, and philosophical musings can be found on her blog, Princess Polymath.

Six Tactics For Building Successful APIs


Teams building successful APIs focus on six tactical best practices areas to gain widespread developer community adoption, increase operational resiliency, accelerate API delivery, and seamlessly evolve API design as business requirements change. In this session, learn how to make tactical design decisions that expand your internal and external API community, reliably connect back-end Cloud services, rapidly publish data as APIs, secure API interactions, and synchronize lifecycle activities. Chris and Sumedha will build a few live APIs in the Cloud. The APIs will demonstrate design patterns, implementation decisions, and API environments (cloud and on-premise) that allow you to tailor your API based on target ecosystem and business model.

• How to orchestrate and aggregate back-end Cloud services with an API façade layer.
• Best practices and patterns to employ when designing internal and external APIs.
• Techniques to rapidly publish spreadsheet, relational, and unstructured data using APIs.
• How to synchronize SOA service lifecycle governance and API lifecycle activities.
• API ecosystem decisions underlying secure API interactions and knowing your API’s customer.
• Developer advocacy blocking and tackling, and how to demonstrate API product success.
Basic knowledge of REST.
Basic knowledge of API management.
Chris Haddad, Vice President - Platform Evangelism @ WSO2 @cobiacomm

Chris Haddad is Vice President Platform Evangelism for WSO2, an API Management, integration, and PaaS company. Chris is an enlightened SOA protagonist who is promoting web-native API integration strategies and usability patterns that overcome traditional API adoption blockers.

Sumedha Rubasinghe, Director of API Architecture @ WSO2 @sumedha_ruba

Sumedha is the Director, API Architecture at WSO2. He has been playing several roles that involve the WSO2 middleware platform for the last 7 years, including key roles in WSO2 Data Services Server and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor. Currently, Sumedha is responsible for API Management aspects of WSO2’s Carbon Middleware Platform.

From 4 pm to 6 pm

Crash Course - Practical API Management


All levels
Learn how to get the most out of your API in 2 hours with 3scale. We’ll take you through the necessary steps to set up the infrastructure to secure and monitor traffic to your API with an API Gateway implemented using 3scale and Nginx. We’ll share some best practices, tricks and tools you can use to help you test, debug and monitor your API.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Prototype Securing an API with an API Gateway and 3scale
• Set up and configure Nginx to act as an API Gateway
• Configure API access Policies and Monitor usage
• Test, debug and monitor their APIs and setup
Access to a machine running Ubuntu (can be a VM, AWS instance, etc.)
Heroku account highly recommended
3scale account optional
Mark Chesire, COO @ 3scale @markcheshire

Mark was previously VP Products at NTRGlobal group, where he was responsible for product management, portfolio planning, and usability engineering for NTRglobal’s SaaS solutions. Before that he was at HP Software as global head of Product Management for the IT Management business unit, with responsibilities for P&L, product strategy, and go-to-market. Mark holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University Of Birmingham, UK and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Pili Guerra, API Solution Engineer @ 3scale @mpguerra

Pili has had a wide and varied career in technology alternating between software development and integration roles at both Fortune 500 companies and start ups. She's passionate about finding solutions to make systems work together and is currently enjoying the privileged position of being exposed to all kinds of APIs as well as helping them to be published for others to enjoy and discover. Pili holds a MEng in Computing from Imperial College London, UK, and most recently, a Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. 

Building plugins for SoapUI Pro

SoapUI is the premier API discovery and testing tool, with a user base of over 1 million users and extensive support for both legacy and the latest API technologies (including Swagger, RAML and API Blueprint). The latest release includes a much improved plugin mechanism that allows you to create plugins for any API-related functionality - and this workshop will show you how easy it is to build plugins targeting the SoapUI Pro API developer and tester community.

• Short SoapUI Pro intro.
• High level description of the Plugin Architecture.
• Plugin development environment.
• Creating a simple plugin with the maven archetype.
• Building and installing the plugin.
• The SoapUI Object Model.
• Adding more functionality to the plugin.
• Submitting to our Repository.
Knowledge of Java development and related concepts (maven, eclipse/intellij, etc).
Ole Lensmar, Chief Technology Office @ SmartBear @olensmar

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Ole Lensmar is Chief Technology Office at SmartBear Software, provider of software quality tools used by more than one million developers and testers worldwide. He is the co-founder of eviware software which joined forces with SmartBear in 2011, and co-creator of SoapUI, the most used API testing tool in the world. He also co-founded base8, an XML oriented consulting company in 1996, acquired by the publicly traded Mogul in 1998. Living his passion for software development, he writes a weekly column for Network World about software quality and blogs in general about coding, quality and all other fun things in life. Ole frequents the speaker circuit, most recently at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in New York City.

Civic APIs

Open Data and APIs are becoming common place across government of all levels. You can find high value data and other API driven resources for City of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, as well as at the top federal agencies in Washington DC, including Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, FCC, and many others. Learn how to find the data you are looking for, and where the opportunities are for APIs at all level of government. Chicago provides an excellent blueprint for how APIs are moving into the mainstream, and becoming a default part of a cities technical, business and political operations. We’ll spend some time looking through what is available in Chicago, and where the opportunities are for building apps, websites, and even more APIs.
None! If you know how to use a spreadsheet and surf the web, this workshop is for you. Our goal is to help people understand how to put civic open data and APIs to use, in any situation.
Chris Metcalf, ‎Director, Developer Experience @ Socrata @chrismetcalf

Chris Metcalf serves as Socrata's Director of Developer Experience, where he leads the evolution of their developer frameworks and APIs, manages their developer outreach program, and drives the growth of their application developer community. A recovering software engineer, he believes in the power of APIs to allow developers to focus on solving higher-value problems and to avoid the historical pitfalls of application development.

Kin Lane, API Evangelist @ API Evangelist @kinlane

My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. API Evangelist, Tech Gypsy, Open Data, Gov Hacker and Father.