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3SCALE provides a comprehensive API infrastructure that helps both API providers to easily package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs, and users of APIs to interact with them in a simple way. 3SCALE’s API Provider SaaS infrastructure is flexible, secure and web scalable, and enables the distribution of a company's data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/web applications, as well as the ability to easily productize APIs. Since 2009, more than 150,000 developers are consuming more than 425 APIs exposed using 3SCALE. Customers span the Fortune 500, government, academia, and startups including Johnson Controls, SITA, Transport For London (TFL), UC Berkeley, Skype, among others.


Traitify is disrupting the market of personalization by providing a platform upon which personality can be applied in a visual, mobile, and embedded format. Through a proprietary blend of psychology and technology, Traitify has created a Visual Personality Application that can be used to enrich consumer recommendations and enhance commercial engagement. Traitify's technology is available via an open API, as well as self-service products.


WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments—internally and in the cloud. WSO2’s service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them.


Esri GIS technology gives organizations the power of geography. Esri software and services reveal location relationships and patterns to save money, lives, and our environment.


Golgi is a complete data transport stack that delivers a type-safe, user-definable, asynchronous API to perform App to App, App to/from Server interactions.


IBM is a US computer, technology and IT consulting corporation and the world's biggest tech company and the second most valuable by global brand.


146 million websites use NGINX to deliver super-fast web experiences to users, at scale. NGINX is a web server, a reverse proxy server and an application load balancer. Find out what you can do!


Respoke makes it easy to add voice, video and messaging features to your app in minutes. Give your app a face and a voice at


Sears Holdings is an integrated retailer focused on connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences. Our developer network API provides access to over 100 million products.


SmartBear is the choice of more than two million software professionals and over 25,000 organizations in
90 countries that use its products to build and deliver the world’s best software applications.


SwiftIQ is a leader in high performance API infrastructure powering data delivery, reports visualizations and predictive applications for retailers and CPGs.


Twilio provides an API platform that helps developers and businesses solve communication problems.


Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.


The mission of Walgreens is to be the destination where health and happiness come together to help people get well, stay well and live well.

BRONZE SPONSORS LLC is an innovation-focused tech consulting, engineering & development firm, helping clients evolve & accelerate delivery of capabilities.


AnyPresence provides an enterprise platform for mobile app development and API augmentation.

Context.IO is a REST API that makes it easy to build applications on top of your user's email data.


Chicago-based Datalogics is the premier source for Adobe eBook and PDF SDKs and APIs, including PDF WebAPI.


Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one ESP with REST APIs for sending, parsing and tracking transactional & marketing email. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure API Management makes it easier than ever to publish APIs to developers, partners and employees securely and at scale.


Rackspace® has the technical expertise and Fanatical Support® to help you architect the best infrastructure.


Restlet, creator of the pioneer RESTful web API framework for Java, is at the origin of APISpark, a full stack PaaS for web APIs.


Swagger™ is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, & visualizing RESTful web services.

Universal Platform

Universal Platform™ iPaaS is the most comprehensive information management platform available in a single product.