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As APIStrat Chicago Kicks Off, APIStrat Europe And US for 2015 are In The Works - We Want Your Input!

Attendees are deep in workshops on the first day if this year’s APIStrat and it’s going to be an awesome event! So many great speakers, sponsors and attendees talking APIs. After the fourth event we’re stoked at the community support and the great conversations that happen, so we’re happy to announce first of all the next APIStrat in Europe which will be in held in Berlin, Germany in late April or early May - dates to follow!

Secondly, we’re also announcing a community call for input on where to host next year’s fall APIStrat 2015! We’ve had loads of location suggestions and we’d love to figure out the places people would really like the next event run! So we’re requesting proposals and ideas on where to go + thoughts on how to make it awesome in that city. All we need is an email to [email protected] entitled “APIStrat 2015” letting us know:

  • The location you’d like to see the event in!
  • Some info on the strength of the local API community.
  • Suggestions of local folks who could help us organize on the ground.
  • Suggestions of great venues [for around 500 people or up to 1000], with great space to hang out and work/chat.
  • Any notable dates of local events to hook up with in the Oct/Nov timeframe.
  • Any great local notable speakers we should consider!

All this would help a huge amount so if you’d like to see APIStrat close to you next year speak up and let us know - email us by the 21st of October this year! It’s not a formal bid and you’re not making any commitments but it would be great to get thoughts and interest!

Looking forward to an awesome event!